3 Ways Data Bridge from Pieces Transforms Your Data and Empowers Your Organization

Pieces’ products now have an enhanced level of interoperability with the addition of Data Bridge. The new feature translates data from disparate sources into a single source of information. Data Bridge meets you where you are, whether your data is stored on spreadsheets or legacy systems, to help your organization to access the insights that you need to tell your story

Here’s what to know and why it matters:

  1. One place to manage your integration: Our technology works with your data and existing systems to provide insights and reduce your manual effort. With Data Bridge, it is easy for your organization to tell your story by understanding the numbers to know – and numbers you can aim to grow.
  2. Connecting data in Pieces Connect: With Data Bridge, reporting for Pieces Connect is more robust because it is based on all the information available – rather than just the information in one system or database. Whether from your own varied data sources—from Excel spreadsheets to legacy data systems—or from data sources outside your organization, your reporting will be better informed from a wider range of data sources.
  3. Better reporting for better decision-making: This enhanced reporting capability empowers you to make better-informed decisions. Data Bridge allows us to constantly monitor our resources for changes to hours of operation, availability, and scheduling. This allows our referral directory to connect to many more sources of data to provide you with the most current information and services available. 

To learn more about Data Bridge from Pieces and how it can help your organization, contact us today!