Pieces Solutions in the Epic App Market | Generative AI in Healthcare

Pieces is pleased to bring our predictive analytics directly to the Epic Patient List. Pieces Solutions, which is now available in the Epic App Market Gallery as an App Blossom uses AI to get things done for busy physicians, nurses, and case managers, helping hospitals to alleviate resource pressures while maintaining a high quality of care for patients.

Here’s what else to know and how to take action:

  1. Why it matters according to health systems: “Pieces Solutions gives clinicians and physicians the ability to see the status of a patient from a number of different lenses – without them having to dive into the chart every time,” says Mark Ziemianski, senior vice president and chief data officer at a leading children’s hospital. “Even more importantly, having Pieces at the point of care, within the Epic record, has overwhelming ramifications for healthcare, how it's practiced, and how data is made actionable.”
  2. How it helps clinicians and organizations: “The ongoing national labor shortage is contributing to higher costs and capacity constraints, and health systems are continually challenged to do more with less,” says Ruben Amarasingham, MD, founder, and CEO of Pieces. “Pieces Solutions optimizes the systems and processes that constitute a large portion of the clinician’s day. Having Pieces in the Patient List will deliver critical insights directly into the care team’s current workflow in real time, enabling more proactive care without added chart review. 
  3. Who can benefit from the advanced seamless Epic AI integration: Any Epic health system can leverage Pieces Solutions to enable care teams to intervene early and efficiently, prevent adverse events, and improve capacity issues.

The results? Better outcomes, happier providers, & lower total cost of care. To learn more about Pieces Solutions in the Epic App Market, click here, or to reach out to our team directly, contact us and a Pieces representative will be in touch shortly.