Our Dedication to Secure Cloud-Based Offerings

Pieces Technologies has implemented its decision support software solutions - Pieces Decision Support (DS) and Pieces Iris - throughout health systems and community-based organizations nationwide. When we began, we knew we needed a hosting partner that would allow us to scale quickly and provide unparalleled security. We chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) due to their remarkable experience: the largest cloud provider, highest ranked by Gartner among competitors, and deep healthcare client base.

All of Pieces Tech’s infrastructure is hosted on AWS, allowing maximum use of cloud services to provide availability, reliability, scalability, and nimble delivery. With the automation of AWS cloud resources, we are able to deploy and configure our systems with no manual intervention in a matter of hours. Leveraging AWS has changed how we develop software, allowing us to focus on creating our core intellectual property while using smart services made by AWS.

Clearly, due to the sensitive nature of our client’s data, as well as state and federal data security requirements governing the storage and use of protected health information (PHI), we take security very seriously. Recently, Pieces Tech completed a rigorous and successful SOC2 audit. Our approach to compliance is “security first”: the fact that your system is compliant does not automatically make it secure. However, the opposite always works: if your environment is secure, there is no problem to pass any compliance audit.  

We are dedicated to providing ‘defense in depth’, while sticking to ‘separation of duties’ principle, meaning we provide security at every level within our infrastructure. Working with AWS completely eliminates the burden of physical security and provides a very solid foundation for network, system, database, application, and access security controls. We are continuously auditing and evaluating our infrastructure security to ensure we are operating in an environment that is highly secure, distributed and resilient.