Pieces Tech and Ensocare Join Forces to Address Patients’ Social Determinants of Health

By combining hospital discharge software with an application that links patients with community services, the partnership between the two companies aims to reduce readmissions and improve care outcomes.

OMAHA, Neb. – February 13, 2019 – Ensocare, a leading provider of technology-enabled care management solutions, has announced a new partnership with Pieces Technologies, whose scalable, cloud-based care management platform, Pieces Iris, helps organizations better address the social, economic and behavioral determinants of health.

As a result of this partnership, hospitals and other acute care providers have an unprecedented opportunity to improve the patient experience even after individuals leave the supervision of their facilities. By combining efficient discharge processes with a seamless connection to community services for vulnerable populations, it will be possible for administrators, case managers and social workers to decrease hospital length of stay, reduce readmission rates and improve patients’ quality of life in the long-term.

“The discharge process can no longer be thought of as the endpoint of patient care,” said Luis Castillo, president and CEO of Ensocare. “There’s a vast body of research out there showing that the social determinants of health, which have traditionally remained outside the purview of the hospital, have an outsized impact on a patient’s wellbeing. It’s clear that the traditional caregiver model has to change. Pieces Tech has the tools in place to effect that change, letting our users identify the areas of greatest need for patients and ensuring that every person receives the resources they need to get healthy and stay healthy.”

“Community organizations hold the key for long-lasting health among patients recovering from hospital stays,” said Ruben Amarasingham, MD, founder, president and CEO of Pieces Tech. “Until now, the handoff of care always created a gap between the acute-care facility and the community organizations the patient interacts with following their hospital stay. This partnership eliminates that gap entirely, providing a means of seamless interaction between care providers, discharge planners and case managers that has real, substantial benefits for patients.”

The partnership will bring together two of the companies’ most exciting software tools.

Ensocare Transition allows discharge planners and care coordinators to measurably increase the speed at which transfers of care can be achieved. Hospitals can tap into a fully-vetted, nationwide network of post-acute providers to get responses about patient placement quickly. Thanks in part to a 30-minute median response time, Ensocare Transition can shorten patient of length of stay by hours and days.

Pieces Iris provides a native and curatable referral directory that allows case managers at hospitals, social organizations and other healthcare-related entities to quickly identify and connect with the services their patients need most. It provides the ability to subsequently track progress and facilitate interventions as necessary to help patients remain healthy. By addressing social challenges in the form of nutrition, education access,  financial stability, housing and more, Pieces Iris is an important tool for assisting socially vulnerable patients once they leave the acute care setting.

To learn more about the Ensocare and Pieces Tech tools, as well what this extended partnership means for hospitals and community organizations, visit Ensocare.com and PiecesTech.com.

About Ensocare

Ensocare, a CQuence Health Group company, is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution suite that automates the discharge process, effectively transitions patients between care settings and enables coordinated care across the continuum. Ensocare’s Transition engine integrates with existing EMR systems to quickly match patients and efficiently transfer clinical care documentation to the post-acute facility best able to meet their individual clinical and psychosocial needs. Ensocare’s Sync and Connect engines engage the patient’s entire care team in anywhere-anytime communication. Up-to-the-moment health data captured via wearables, apps and mobile devices provides continuous monitoring and triggers alerts when risk levels indicate a need for intervention. Easy electronic access to patient education materials and the necessary community resources assure patients and family members have the information needed to manage and succeed post-discharge. Finally, Ensocare’s Insight engine completes the software suite by capturing and analyzing rich data surrounding patient adherence, patterns of readmissions, provider performance and clinical outcomes.

For more information, visit http://www.ensocare.com.

About Pieces Technologies

Pieces Technologies, Inc. reimagines the intersection of healthcare and technology through software solutions that interpret patient information in real-time, transforming billions of data points to assist caregivers inside and outside of hospital walls. Using cloud-based artificial intelligence with clinically-based natural language processing (NLP) and physician-supervised machine learning, Pieces Tech solutions help streamline clinician workflows that in turn improve patient outcomes. Pieces DS and Pieces Iris create a comprehensive and unique solution for stronger and more connected community health networks.

For more information about deploying Pieces at your health system, please visit piecestech.com or follow @piecestech.


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