3 Reasons We’re Excited to Participate in the First-Ever AWS Healthcare Accelerator

At Pieces, we believe in the power of technology to helps people to help people advance their health and wellbeing. We’re incredibly passionate about what we do – and why we do it – and so is the team at Amazon Web Services (AWS) that we’re partnering with as part of the company’s first-ever healthcare accelerator.

Here are 3 things to know:

  1. There was a high-bar for selection – and we passed the test: Pieces, and the other nine companies in the accelerator, were selected from 427 applications from over 30 countries around the world by a panel from AWS and KidsX. The application criteria called for healthcare-focused startups that had a validated solution along with existing revenue, customers, and US-based operations. We check those boxes – and much more.
  2. The program goals align with our goals for innovation, improvement, and transformation: AWS announced the program in June to address the crucial need for healthcare innovation and collaborative solutions that can help healthcare customers respond to their challenges and rapidly innovate with data-driven and compliant solutions. Bringing data-driven innovation to healthcare is at the core of what we do and we know that AWS understands why this matters for creating change.
  3. Our finalist status is another proof point that our mission matters – and our technology is the right solution to a pressing problem: At Pieces,we use AI to assess and empower patients and health systems with solutions that address social determinants of health. Our technology can connect care providers to actionable data, people to services, and caseworkers to information. AWS selected companies like Pieces that are working to solve many of the strategic imperatives of AWS healthcare customers. AWS selected companies that are making a difference and ready to accelerate their impact on the healthcare ecosystem. We’re proud to be part of that group.

If you’d like to attend the AWS healthcare accelerator demo day, you can request an invitation here.