Employee Spotlight: Women in STEM

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March has been nationally recognized as Women's History Month since 1987. According to the US Census, only 27% of individuals in the technology field are women. We want to take the opportunity to spotlight some of the brilliant women, specifically in STEM, that make up Pieces! Keep reading to learn more about Annika Roll, Heather Tuttle, and Lindsay Hill and their important contributions to pieces.


Meet Annika Roll, she is a product designer for Pieces Solutions. Annika has been at Pieces since October 2021, prior to that, she was working as a product designer for a start-up company she co-founded while she was in college at Stevens Institute of Technology.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I am a very mission driven person, and it's really important to me to work for a company that is working for a greater good. I love that at Pieces I can directly see the impact that the work I do has on our users. I get to be a part of the entire life cycle of our product, from problem identification, to research, to ideation, to designing, testing, and following up with users to see how the design is impacting their experience.

When was the first time you became interested in STEM? Were you inspired by someone?

The biggest inspiration to me to work in STEM is my mom. My mom worked at Pitney Bowes, which is a technology company known for creating postage meters and other mailing technologies. She was very career-focused, and would talk to me even as a kid about managing engineers and balancing business, tech, and customer needs. She encouraged me to do well in school and focus on math and science, but also to explore my passions like art and design.


Meet Lindsay Hill, a back-end & front-end software engineer for Pieces Connect. She joined Pieces on January 2022, prior to that she was an Application Developer for Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.

What's the best career lesson you've learned so far?

Work on projects that you enjoy and stand beside. Personally, I love being able to work on projects that help people and/or small organizations.

When was the first time you became interested in STEM?

Around the age of 8, my brother introduced me to jRPGs. After that, I was determined to become someone who designed and developed video games until I attended UTD. While studying for my bachelor's degree, my love for developing and designing experiences branched out from video games to technology in general. 


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