COVID-19 Response Management Platform | Pieces

Pieces is committed to helping those who help others. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented change to our world and the communities our clients help support.

Thank you to all the front-line workers at community service and health care organizations for their hard work during these unprecedented times. We know you’re making tremendous efforts to keep your communities updated and connected to vital resources during this national emergency.

We are dedicated to helping health systems and community organizations in the fight against COVID-19. Our healthcare AI software solutions can identify, predict, monitor, and track at-risk COVID-19 patients both within hospital walls and out in the community.


What Pieces is doing to support nonprofits during COVID-19

To better support nonprofit organizations that are seeing unprecedented needs in the community, we are offering complimentary Pieces Connect subscriptions to qualifying organizations which will enable  them to track the services they provide. 


How Pieces Connect and Pieces Predict enable COVID-19 response management

Our case management system, Pieces Connect, is being utilized by both healthcare and community-based organizations (CBOs). 

Pieces Connect has always been used for trusted referrals, and we have seen a major increase in health systems empowering their social workers to do quick intake and quickly refer their patients out to necessary community resources using our referral directory. We have been working around the clock to ensure our referral directory is up-to-date with the latest available community services, as well as impacted CBOs that may be experiencing temporary closure or otherwise unavailable services. 

Using Pieces Connect, you can track the number of referrals, identify which community based organizations are in high demand, and also track your patients as they receive social support in the community post-discharge.

As a full-service, HIPAA compliant case management system, Pieces Connect is being used to support community and pandemic health workers to expand the health systems’ capabilities beyond their walls into the community.  The case management capabilities provide the necessary tools to support community/pandemic health worker workflow including member screening, referrals, and follow-up as individuals shelter-in-place at home, thus alleviating the burden on the health system and providing a vital community service for individuals.   

The Pieces Connect case management platform is being expanded to enable smarter community health case management. For example, we have updated universal data fields to support community/pandemic health workers so they can screen and document things like: 

  • Body Temperature
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Pulse Rate,Blood Pressure
  • Flu Shot Status
  • Oxygen saturation

We are also extending our functionality to better assist and extend the health systems in post-acute care of the COVID-19 patient who may have newly experienced Social Determinants of Health because of their illness and the economy. We've added a number of custom data fields so health systems can have some more flexibility when tracking post-acute patients.  Additionally, we are developing expanded capabilities to more specifically and deeply support the new user role specific to pandemic health related tasks, to allow  health systems to scale up resources in the community more quickly, should we experience future waves of COVID-19 or other health and community threats.


For Health Systems: Identify, Predict & Track COVID-19 in Real-Time 

We have also recently released a COVID-19 predictive module to help health systems identify, predict, and track patients who are potentially at risk for coronavirus. Using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework, the Pieces Predict COVID-19 module helps drive proactive response and allows  staff to focus their time on patients most in need. 


To help our communities stay informed, we are asking all community-based organizations within our geographies to email us at  regarding any service-level changes to operating status during COVID-19. You can also call us at (844) 707-7918 Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm CDT.

Please indicate one of the following statuses for each service you provide:

  • Regular Operations
  • Delivery
  • Pickup
  • Phone/Virtual
  • Service unavailable
  • Program Closed 


If you’re a CBO and want access to our resource directory and digital referral tool, email 


If you’re a rapid responder or care professional who wants to learn more about using our solution to make community referrals, email us at


If you’re a customer who has questions, our Product Support team is available at , with phone support Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm CDT at (844) 707-7918.