Introducing the New Pieces

We are excited to share that we’ve made some updates to our brand. We have simplified our name from Pieces Technologies to just Pieces. A seemingly small change to our name has major significance to our team. While our technology is still the cornerstone of helping you do what you do better, our focus expands beyond just the technology. We are more focused on our overall mission. We’ve updated our logo to reflect that. At Pieces, we make connections: care providers with actionable data, people with services, caseworkers with information. We wanted our logo to better express the idea of bringing things together—to help people help people become whole.

We have also updated our product names to better communicate what they do and how they help. Pieces Decision Sciences will now be known as Pieces Predict. It’s the same great set of services that utilize artificial intelligence to predict outcomes so health care providers can intervene early and efficiently. Pieces Iris will now be known as Pieces Connect. This updated name better describes how Pieces Connect does—connects with and manages those who need community services.

Both products will continue to make it easier to  input, manage, store, organize, and gain insight from the data that is critical for you to be better able to help others.  Here at Pieces, we will always be about advancing health and wellbeing.

Pieces New Brand Blog Post